Sampling - Faeces samples in caged houses

Collect two samples, each of at least 150g of faeces from dropping belts, scrapers or deep pits depending on the type of house, ensuring that the overall pooled faeces samples represent each stack of cages. It is important to ensure that

  • Belts or scrapers are run on the day of sampling to collect fresh material before the samples are collected
  • Pooled faeces which have lodged on the scrapers or end of belts after they have been run is collected
  • In step-cage systems where belts and scrapers have been installed, faeces is collected from the deep pit

Samples can be collected with the use of gloved hands, inverted bags or spatulas.

Faeces from belts or scrapers from all rows and tiers of cages should be collected. If composite faeces are collected from droppings pits, then collect at least 60 pinches of fresh surface material from different areas around the house where it is safe to do so. In all circumstances be aware of any safety precautions that may be necessary when taking these samples.