Sampling - Boot Swabs

How do I sample using Boot Swabs/Overshoes?

Take two pairs of boot swabs from each flock (house or separate biosecure section of the house). The boot swabs must be moistened before sampling is carried out- clean tap water is suitable for this but some sampling kits will have pre-moistened boot swabs.

Boot swabs should represent the whole area to which the birds have access. This will include all the separate pens, littered and slattered areas (when they are safe to walk on) and involves taking about 100 paces to cover an area of approximately 50% of the house.

Your boot swabs should be taken before replenishing bedding. On completion of sampling in each area, carefully remove the boot swabs so as not to dislodge any adherent material. The boot swabs can be placed together in the sealable bag provided for dispatch within 24 hours.

Please ensure there is no contamination of swabs prior to their use and they do not come into contact with any disinfectant.