Layers - What happens if Salmonella is suspected?

If a suspect non-vaccine strain Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) or Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) is detected in an operator sample you will be immediately informed. Arrangements will be made for the collection (without charge) of an offical confrimatory sample by the government inspector and tested by the VLA. If this is negative then no further action is taken.

If this official confirmatory sample is positive for non-vaccine strain SE or ST then eggs from the affected flock cannot be sold as Class A. The eggs will be placed under restriction immediately after you are notified of a positive result.

A government veterinarian may visit your holding to provide advice on Salmonella control. At a later date, official sample will be collected from all other flocks on your holding to confirm that the infection has not spread. A further official sample will be collected when a replacement flock is placed in a house in which the previous flock was infected with SE or ST. These samples will not be charged to you.

If only the dust sample is positive then fortnightly repeat faecal sampling will be carried out. This sampling will be carried out on up to four occasions and if all these samples return a negative result, the flock will be considered negative for salmonella, official sampling will cease and the routine operator sampling every 15 weeks will continue as normal. Restrictions will not be placed on the eggs from the flock unless one of these boot swabs or faeces samples is found to be positive for SE or ST.

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